Job Sharing at ITV – Joint Heads of Daytime

You've literally written in one article everything that runs through my head every day...and I'm not even close to having kids as yet! Thanks Lou, such a great idea and I really hope that employers see the huge benefits in it too x


I'm one of those 5000 women having left at the end of 2007. Commuting is also another challenge due to the demanding nature of working in TV and the unpredictable schedule. We moved out of London for a home and better family life. But the commute made it virtually impossible due to the hours I was working so I had to give up a career I loved.

The aim of the website is to bring freelancers together who are looking to share their contracts. Once you register with us we will send you CV's from other freelancers looking to job share. If you 'like' a CV and they 'like' yours then we'll put you in touch and you can work out the week between you.

Our main aim is to help TV parents get back in to the industry. From employers we need longer term contracts in roles that can happily sustain a job share. Please get in touch for more information.


This is a great idea, thank you - its execs we need to convince. My colleague and I are lucky enough to landed our first job share contract as sp's - it's going great, the channel get basically two minds on it so better for them and we have each other to bounce ideas off. Would have helped so much a year or two back when my kids were tiny babies (it was hellish working edits fulltime and have runners tip away my breastmilk but that's another story!)


As a working freelance dad of two I am also excited about the possibilities this group could create. Thanks for being creative thinkers.

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