Lou3Share My Telly Job is an online community built for Freelancers in the Television industry who are hoping to find more flexible working contracts.

The aim of the website is to bring people together who are looking to share their working week. You can post your ideal job roles along with the days of the week you would like to work. From this we will put you in touch with other freelancers in a similar situation who you can potential share your contracts with.

Share My Telly Job is an idea that we hope will gather momentum and help hard working, career loving parents back get back in to the industry. Whilst the main focus is on parents who are struggling to make their career work for them following the arrival of children, it can really help any freelancers looking for part time, flexible contracts.

Right now, it’s a concept. We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response so far and people, especially freelancers, want it to work. To begin with we’ll be busy introducing freelancers via email. A techie dating style site would cost thousands of pounds so, for now, it all has to be manual. There is no limit to how many matches you can make, it will take time trying to find someone who can share the week seamlessly so the more people you connect with, the better chance you have of finding a job sharing partner.

The biggest task at hand for SMTJ is to convince employers to give us a chance to prove we can make this work. We’ve listened to feedback from employers so far regarding the pro’s and con’s of job sharing. The con’s so far are winning which is probably why job sharing roles are thin on the ground.

To make this work we need to place job sharers in longer term roles. The job sharers themselves need to have a well established relationship with a clear handover strategy as well as contingencies for unplanned absences. We’re trying to get away from applying for jobs starting the next week or the job that only lasts for 3 weeks. Trying to make these fit with family life is probably the reason why thousands of people leave the industry.

Even if you don’t plan on returning to work for 6 months – that’s fine, in fact it’s probably a more realistic time frame in terms of finding a suitable match – so, please, register with us.

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