How will it work….?

This is the golden question! The simple answer is, it works the way you need it to work. We understand that every business has different needs and ideas of how they wish to structure their work place.

Once you have identified a position that would be suitable for a job share, get in touch and let us know more about the role. We will get to grips with how your company ticks and how you would like the job share to work.

We are constantly introducing part time freelancers who will meet, establish a relationship then agree as to how they will best divide their working week before we put them forward as a job-share. They will have agreed a contingency, just in case one person has any ‘emergencies’ to attend and we will have already contacted two recent referees.

Both freelancers in each job share will attend the interview and from there – it’s exactly the same process that you would usually use following an interview although there will be two job offer phone calls to make rather than the usual one!

Whilst we will be matching the pairs to begin with, in the future when we have developed a more advanced website, employers will be able to search for job-sharing pairs via the site. During these early days we will welcome your feedback.

If you feel that we have overlooked a potential golden pair then just let us know. We will keep working until we have found the pair that you feel works best for you.

What we feel will make it work better for our freelancers is having longer contracts being offered on longer running more established formats. Once our job sharing relationships grow stronger, there should be no bounds in terms of what they can achieve but for now we need to be realistic in terms of the ‘safer’ roles for job sharers.

  • We are adding in a ‘job-sharers’ page to the site. Employers will be able to access our job sharing pairs who have been etched through the site. You’ll just have to register for a password and you’ll be given access to this area.

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