Tell us what you want to do and when you want to do it

  2. UPLOAD YOUR CV – You can include or remove any personal details from your CV. If you do not want your phone number/address/email being made public at this point, please remove these from your current CV – members can still contact you via the website.
  3. SEARCH THROUGH THE MEMBERS DATABASE – We’ve recently added new features to the site so you can search members via job role. You can click on their profile and have a look at their personal details, download their CV and see if they could be a potential match.
  4. FOLLOW-  If you think someone may be a good match – hit the follow button so they know you are keen. This will send a notification to them – you can then follow it up with a private message. You can also contact them via their email address if this has been made public on their CV
  5. MEET – We think it’s absolutely essential that you meet up. Sharing a job is a big task and we want our pairs to have an established relationship before you put yourselves in front of potential employers – you need to bash out your working week before you get there, how it will work if childcare is involved, the days you can work, your joint rate etc. We’ve found that a day where each of you work half of that day and have a face to face handover is much more attractive to employer – can you make this work?
  6. PLAN AHEAD – Finding a job sharer and along with a role to share will take weeks maybe months – even if you you aren’t planning a return to work for another 6 months, subscribe now to give yourself the best chance of finding the perfect partner!
  7. BE PATIENT– Once you’ve agreed that you can work happily together then you have to get applying for jobs. Sell yourselves. Remember, employers are getting 2 for the price of 1. Make it clear that you will work in a way that suits their needs but push for an interview. This is the tough part – but keep going..it WILL happen!

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