Stephanie Earwicker is a part-time Production Manager at the highly successful independent production company, Spun Gold TV. Inspired by Share My Telly Job she decided to put forward a pair of job sharers to her Series Producer. A simple decision was made and the part-time parents are now settling in to their shared role. When all parties are behind the idea Stephanie proves that it really is a simple concept to put in to practice, even when the show in question is a brand new format…


Spun Gold TV have recently employed two Edit Producers who are job sharing on a new Channel 5 ob doc series. I have to say I had never heard of it before I saw an advert on Facebook for Share My Telly Job.  As a part time PM I loved the idea and put the two cvs forward to my SP and it was great when he agreed they were the best fit for the job!

I think it is great that companies are opening up to these ideas as I know a lot of people have left the industry due to the hours after having children but this is a great solution for talented parents to return to work and have a good work life balance which is so important. Good news is I recommended my two edit producers to another production and they have been booked already and they are only in the first week of my edit! 

More companies need to realise that there are a lot of talented people out there who can job share and still achieve the same results if not better!  People working part time feel they have more to prove so will work harder than a full time person. (I know from personal experience!)

Stephanie Earwicker, PM, Spun Gold TV