A Job Share is like a marriage!

You need personalities that work together but it is not a disadvantage to work in different ways – bring different strengths to the table.

Have a similar skillset

You don’t have to have the same experience but you should have a similar level of experience.  It doesn’t work when one person is effectively mentoring another in a role.

Apply as a pair

The best way to approach a job-share is as a ready-made pair. If Heads of Production have to match two job-sharers, that increases their work-load.


You have the power in your combined years of experience to push for a working structure that works for you!

Structure your job-share according to the contract

Suit your job-share to the demands of the contract and be flexible when it comes to your employer’s needs.

Communication is key

Have a shared email address or CC each other on every email.  Debrief your partner with detailed handovers, this will allow for a seamless transition.

Present as one voice

Before you start the job, think through exactly how you will present one voice to your employer.  An employer needs to be able to interact with a job-share team in exactly the same way as they would with a single person.  Support each other’s decisions and keep any logistical discussions behind the scenes!