Take a look a your productions and see where flexible working can fit.

There’s a misconception a job-share needs to be on an established series or in certain roles, but there are people sharing pretty much every job role successfully. Job sharers are working on pilots, first eps and first series. Fast turn around, full on shows – all made by two for the price of one!

Hire two people who are great! 

Those two people don’t need to have the exact same experience, but they should have a similar level of experience, bring complementary skills and make similar decisions.

Trust them to communicate with one another. Feel completely assured that no one will want the job share to work out more than the job-sharers themselves!

Next time you advertise a job make it clear that it is open to job sharing pairs. 

It’s common to see statements like ‘we are an equal opportunities employer’ or ‘we encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds’ on TV Job ads. Opening up ads to encourage job sharing will allow you to access a range of diverse applicants.

No one need even notice! 

Hiring a job share pair shouldn’t require any more work for the production / talent management teams. The right pair will have thought through the structure of their job-share and make it as simple and easy for everyone else concerned as possible.

Studies show flex workers are more committed. They don’t take being in work for granted.  When your job sharer is in work they are fully dedicated to that – they bring a fresh pair of eyes. If anything, you get people who are thinking about the show, coming up with ideas or solutions to problems even on the days they’re not being paid for!

During interviews invite the conversation about caring commitments. 

Normalise the conversation about caring commitments and the need for flexible hours.

Allow freelancers to speak openly about how they need to work and you’ll find that flexibility is something that can work for both the employers and employees.

Just give it a go – This really is something that will help to bring the best talent to your door!