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Share My Telly Job
  • Facebook Twitter Instagram It’s been a busy old… …12 months at Share My Telly Job.. 2018 started off with a bang – organising the flexible working event which we hosted in May.  I’m delighted to report that we’ve (finally!) cut together a ‘best bits’ from the evening so we can
  • I’ve not written a blog for a while and thought that now, whilst hearing the tales of pain coming from friends in the midst of post COVID production, I thought I document my own journey back in to the home office saddle after 7 months of unemployment. The last time
  • I very vividly remember being told during the early years of my television career that “there are two types of women over 35 in this industry, the ‘telly widows’ and the ones who leave”. I was a 22 year-old researcher at the time and whilst the idea of being a
  • There has been so much bad press surrounding TV in recent weeks, about the working culture and the treatment of people who make it. The Mental Health crisis was clearly shown through the findings in the Film and TV Charity’s recent industry survey which produced horrifying results regarding the state
  • Long-time job-sharing Senior Casting Producers Karen Browne and Amy Willetts tell SMTJ about what makes their job-sharing partnership a success.    How did the job-share come about? Karen: We first started job sharing on Snow Sex and Suspicious Parents.  I had worked with Amy a long time ago and had got
  • Last night was brilliant! The room was full, the atmosphere was bright and the panel inspired our audience from the start. A huge thank you to Line, Emma, Jonathan, Maria and Anna. We set off on this campaign to really try and increase the confidence to employers to give flexible
  • In January this year, I’d decided to leave telly. As we all do at times I just didn’t think I had enough gas in my tank to make it work especially with an extra child thrown in the mix. I honestly didn’t know where to start with trying to get
  • A realistic account of the ‘Perfect Family Job’ I regretted using that term within an hour of being at that perfect family job! I’ve just finished an 8 week stint on an Edit Producing role which initially gave me a huge boost knowing that there were jobs that fit with
  • ..the mist is lifting now we’re 10 weeks in to being a family in ownership of 2 brilliant children. It’s been a (very) steep learning curve but I’m finally feeling beginning to feel like I’m getting the hang of doing most tasks with one hand and working out the psychological
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