Success, 1 week in – hurrah!

After a rummage around my the website for like-minded Edit Producers and Gallery Directors, plus a post on the Facebook groups,  I struck gold! Yesterday I met with a brilliant lady called Sara who is in a very similar position to me and shares the dream of job sharing!


After a brief chat on the tinternet we arranged to meet for a coffee and a natter. We got on like a house on fire. Sara is a very funny lady and talks more than I do so there wasn’t second when we weren’t queuing up to start on the next topic. We also found that we have a strangely familiar family set-up including one daughter each! Sara is the mum to 3 year old Martha and has been dipping in and out of work for the past 2 years with a mix of full time and part time contracts. She’s managed to juggle through the contracts but has always hoped for a job share.

We were both in agreement that there are many, many jobs out there which will suit job sharing and now it’s just about selling ourselves to employers. We easily agreed to work 2.5 days each with a handover on a Wednesday. This works perfectly for everyone involved. There can be a face to face chat with the editor at lunch time on the Wednesday which gives us half a day each of free time before collecting the ladies from childcare.

Our home set-ups work well  as we’re both able to commit to at least one late night each, we’ve agreed that if needed we can cover each other if there is a sick child or a change in days needed. It really was as simple as that. We both want it to work, we’ll do anything we can to make it work and we both realise the importance of getting this first contract off the ground.

Moving forward we’ll have each other as a job sharer but equally Sara can then use her reference to go off and find others. Employers can come back to the website if they need a freelancer to share with a current members of staff an they’ll be able to see past jobs and testimonials..

I’m really very excited about it. I know the next part is the difficult bit but we’ll keep chipping away. Ideally this contract will be a short one 5-6 weeks but we’ll both consider longer jobs too..

Right then, Talent Managers…we’re coming to get you!