Last night was brilliant! The room was full, the atmosphere was bright and the panel inspired our audience from the start. A huge thank you to Line, Emma, Jonathan, Maria and Anna.

We set off on this campaign to really try and increase the confidence to employers to give flexible working a try. We covered all aspects of what’s involved through our panel who talked engaged and enlightened our audience all the way through.

The combination of speakers worked so well. Line, Emma, Jonathan, Anna and Maria discussed so many thought provoking topics surrounding flexible woking it left most people in the room asking the question, “why are we not doing this?”

We’ve already had called this morning from companies offering up roles to job sharers – we’ll be posting details of these this week.

The footage is being ingested as we speak and we’ll be editing our event film next week so for those of you who weren’t able to attend we’ll compile the very best bits and keep the conversation going.

Thank you to everyone who came, to all of those who participated, to those who helped us and to everyone who has been on board with it from the outset.

We are delighted to be able to show our film which does a good job of summing up what the campaign is about! Enjoy it and share it.

Our huge announcement last night is that going forward, we will be collaborating with The Talent Manager. In the not too distant future, job sharers will be able to advertise themselves as pairs for jobs across the site. In addition to that, employers will now be asked to specify whether the job they are posting will be considered as a flexible or shareable role.

Every employer who uses Talent Manager will be nudged to consider if their job would fit for flexible working. That’s every job, posted by every employer! We’re in the early stages of working out how this will work but it’s an amazing collaboration for SMTJ and one we’re really, really proud to have. We’ll keep you posted with more news on the progress of our partnership!

Thanks again to everyone – Evolutions have been incredible the whole way through and continue to support us with editing our event film. A thank you to Universal Production Music who have provided the music for our film.

I’d like to extend our thanks to Sky, Women in Film and TV, The TV and Film Charity and All3MEdia for Sponsoring our event. To DV Talent for providing all of the kit for our event and film. To Leon Stuparich for editing the film. To Chris Youle-Grayling for managing ALL of the sound on the evening. To Sarah Philip & Natalie White for Filming. To Michelle James for being the most excellent Chair on the evening and making sure the event ran like clockwork. To Natalie Grant for being there from the beginning. To all of those wonderful job-sharing superstars who contributed to our film and to everyone who attended! Thank you!