SMTJ were involved in several academic projects that looked at television practice. Find some of the work below. For continuing research, please visit ReelTime Media.

Locked Down and Locked Out publication cover


Locked Down and Locked Out

A research project exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mothers working in the UK television industry. Led by the Institute for Screen Industries Research in collaboration with SMTJ and Telly Mums Network, with the support of BECTU.


The Currency of Gratitude: Care in the TV Industry

This report by Dr Rowan Aust aims to understand the potential for gratitude to entrench inequalities in the television production industry.

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The Time Project – Understanding working time in the UK television industry

This report aims to understand which groups of people face the greatest burden of work in the UK TV industry and provides recommendations to address the problems highlighted in the report.

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ScreenSkills HETV Job-share Bible

Between 2021 and 2024 SMTJ designed and delivered job‑share training and placement programmes for ScreenSkills aimed at the specific needs of all HETV departments.

We have emerged from these programmes with case studies of successful job‑shares in every department, and an acceptance in the industry that job‑sharing can work and is indeed beneficial not just to the pair but to the productions they work on.

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The Time Project

Use your data to make TV work better for you and for everyone. Control your hours and prevent burn out by tracking and recording the hours you work in the screen industries with the Time Project app.